Automate transportation

Herbie can be used wherever goods need to be moved from one place to another. The concept is simple: Herbie stops at a station, picks the transport good and brings it to another station. Stations can be manual workstations, automated processing stations or existing conveyor modules. 

Automate transportation-Connecting production Herbie

Why Herbie?

Herbie's operating costs are 0,4 €/km including electricity and maintenance. With a starting price of 6995 € we reach payback times of far less than 2 years in most of our application cases. Click the arrows below to find out more about Herbie’s benefits.

Cost efficiency HERBIE


Cost efficiency worker


Plug & Play

Following the Plug & Play principle we enable our customers to install and reconfigure basic functionalities by themselves. This makes our clients more independent, flexible and helps them save money. When it comes to more complex applications we provide remote guidance or have experts that take care of deployment on site.

Plug & Play-Plug&Play HERBIE

Modularity enables Flexibility

You want to stay flexible in changing environments - not a problem! Through its modular composition Herbie can be customized in four dimensions:

Top Module, Height, Charging and Software

Modularity enables flexibility-

Intuitive User Interface

Our purpose is to make Industry 4.0 understandable and accessible for anybody. In our mobile web application we use minimalistic patterns, concise components and regular customer feedback to ensure an intuitive user experience.   

Intuitive Bedienbarkeit-

Configure your Herbie

… and get a non-binding quotation.

Configuration-Herbie Product



In June 2020 we participated in a bootcamp organised by the CyberForum. In the final pitching session we could convince the critical jury of our innovative business model and made into the top three startups of the competetion. Besides learning a lot about our business model we could also extend our network in the field of manufacturing and consulting. 

LogiMAT 2021-
LogiMAT 2021

We will be there! Visit LogiMAT from June 22nd to June 24th and experience Herbie in a real-world application setup. We are looking forward to see you there!


Maschinen Markt-MM Maschinen Markt
Maschinen Markt

Journalist Victoria Sonneberg puts our concept in a nutshell and outlines the main aspects of our product in a concise and understandable way.


At the end of 2018 our ZIM project with the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover has been approved. Since then we are working together with ambition on our Plug and Play concept for Herbie. 


On the hardware side we are working together with Gebhardt Fördertechnik. Aiming to start with serial production at the end of 2020, we are currently optimizing and validating our exisiting prototypes.

Herbie bei uns im Office-
Herbie in our office

For testing and demonstration purposes we have two Herbies driving around in our offices. You are welcome to come around and see Herbie in action!  

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